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Hey I'm Malik 🤞

A 21 year old self-taught developer specializing in front-end development. I have always been passionate about creating user-interfaces that speak, and are a pleasure to use, I like to tackle challenges and I am always open to collaboration. My love for web development exploded after my bachelor's degree in computer science. I like exploring newer and better software engineering paradigms and to be completly honest, I do get excited about new frameworks 😆, So here are a few of my projects that are built using bleeding edge frameworks and technologies.



Royalcrockery (Ecommerce API)

This is a fully featured GraphQL API built using Django, Postgres and uses third party APIs like Razorpay and Firebase. The project is deployed to AWS using Terraform as IaC


This is the website you are looking at right now. Blazing fast and completely custom. It has been rebuilt using TailwindCSS, which offers an amazing design system. All the data is fetched via contentful so the transition from the old website was seamless.

Movies GraphQL API

This is a GraphQL API focusing on the Movies ecosystem, built using Django, Postgres and is deployed live on Heroku!

Flutter BMI app

This is a flutter app for calculating BMI (Body Mass Index). It has custom styling (custom ui components) and implements concepts like Routing, State Management etc.

Crown Clothing

This is an e-commerce project built on React, Redux, Firebase and Nodejs. It uses the styled-compoents library for creating react and modular CSS

Lights Out

This is a react version of the popular board game. It is simple but utilizes the core concepts of react like state, props, leveling up the state, passing props as functions etc. It also uses a library called react-spring for the smooth logo animation!

Portfolio (OLD)

This is one of my previous portfolio websites. Built using cutting edge tech like Gatsby, React, Netlify, Contenful, Styled-Components and React Spring.

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